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My major income happens thanks to commercial and creative writing for several purposes of what various businesses need. My deepest wish is to focus more in Photography itself and Photography oriented literature (from articles to academic critique). By shutting off the commercial texts, I'll be able to have more time to work on the things I love most, but I need your help to balance the benefit cost of doing so. My main goals of this new relationship with you are to give you the following:

Meaningful stories

I want to focus more in creating images that tell meaningful stories, and they require getting outside from my comfort zone, but scouting for these stories carry some expenses. Social Photography for me is a unique blend of Street Candid Photography, Street Portrait Photography, Documentary Photography and of course, Photojournalism. Even though they can tell powerful stories, these images rarely get a commercial demand. I've been detaching from the commercial imagery because I'm convinced that these stories are the one that matter the most. 

Share my own vision

I love to share my vision with photographers and not photographers as well. Thanks to the lack of Social Photography for commercial purposes, I've been able to share my passion for this photography niche through article and critique writing. I'm a committed writer that loves to craft articles that I humbly believe, can help people in getting more passionate about the art of photography. I also love writing academic critiques of photographs that go way beyond the traditional appreciation anyone can get in the dynamics of Social Media.


Photobooks are the summit for many photographers. Seeing the work printed is an experience that can't be mimicked by screens, because the tangible nature of the book is what feels great. Being able to showcase my social photography in high quality photobooks is a dream that I find possible thanks to crowdfunding.