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The way in which we showcase our work has evolved just as photography itself. Now we publish online through several channels, and we receive lousy feedback as well. There are tons of likes, and questions like what camera did you use or what lens are you currently using. I deeply believe that this dynamic will not help you in the growth of taking better images. 

Critique will help you in the process of taking better images. When I pursue critiques, I love to get great advices from other people. And when I give my personal opinion on somebody's work, I love to do it first, on images that I like a lot, and have the potential or not to be even better, and secondly, I always try to be constructive. I have crafted +100 critiques for people that are willing to improve their concepts and their compositional skills. Be aware of people that love to discourage others, seek true constructive critique, and you'll find a great asset for achieving better images.

My personal goal is to broaden up the contemplative reading of a photographic piece in our times were immediacy is the standard. I plan on doing this by answering if the message intended by the photographer is achieved by telling "how" and "why" in the must objective approach I can do. I'll write a minimum of 500 words academic critique on a single photograph or photo essay as well. The extended length of the critique will depend on the passion that the photograph evokes. The goal is to do a deep critique based upon art history, pictorialism, composition techniques, post-processing and development, as well as photography history.

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