I've given my life to photography, and it has totally been worth it.

Said that, all I can say is that I'm a Photography Writer and Educator. Such disciplines help me out into funding my own photographic documentary projects. I write about the deep ideas that can be developed around Photography beyond gear.

My enthusiasm for such topics have given me the opportunity of working as a columnist, a critic and a curator as well. I'm also a PhD student, and I'm concerned about the current state of photography from a sociological and anthropological stand-point.

I'm convinced that Photography is the most universal mean of communication worldwide.


I am deeply attracted for the ordinary happenings inside society. I try to give these commonly unseen moments an important place in the history of urban life. I am afraid that unless I can make people stop and stare; they won't see what lies in front of them. I try to capture the mundane in a way that makes people become more interested in their daily social environments. I want people to turn their eyes towards the common places, and all the things that would otherwise remain unseen.

This is a constant pursuit for awakening empathy, and to to help ourselves avoid becoming fully trapped in our own selfish worlds. Every image found in my street photography section responds to the aforementioned statement. Occasionally I stumble into peculiar social situations that deserve a deeper narrative, and each of these essays has a statement of its own.