So, I Found A Great Selection Of Photography Resources

I could have had a more formal life as an engineer, but I realized that I did not want to die of boredom at 30 years old. What I wanted to know about that profession I already knew, so I took a camera with the instinct of the one who knows he will never stop learning. And so it has been.
— Josef Koudelka
Beautiful Photographs.jpeg

I wanted to start this post with that wise thought from one of the photographers that I admire the most, the almighty Josef Koudelka, who recognizes that he has never stopped learning. I have had many academic interests in my life, from biomechanics to meteorology, and in August I'll start a PhD on Social Sciences. But there has always been a constant in my life, and this has been photography. Photography has always accompanied me in my academic and professional adventures since 2010 and it always turns out to be very useful in any professional area in which I get involved with.

I have always been very receptive to online learning, as this facilitates the access of high quality education to a large majority of people around the world. Previously I have taken many face-to-face and online photography related courses, and they have all helped me immensely in building a critical mindset in me. From basic level courses to high level stuff, they always leave good assets on me.

I'm about to start a new adventure in my photographic career as a teacher of Photography in the oldest school of Design in my country. I plan to guide the class with three basic foundations: "storytelling", "the utilitarian purpose of photography" and "conceptualization". I'm a bookworm, so I love to always rely on books and papers for any column, article or talk, but these resources aren't always available in my country. Therefore, I also look for innovative internet resources like videos, blogs, and passionate content. While searching for some Storytelling stuff that had a direct relation with photography, I stumbled into a very valuable asset for any photographer thanks to the guys over at PikWizard, a free stock imagery place.

One of the things that I liked most about this blog post, was its high degree of synthesis, which is very important today for an average population who doesn't like to read much. Technically, it is a compendium of very intelligently curated links, and is broken down into 6 small sections that they have decided to call "chapters", and that's fine for me. Each of the chapters has an excellent list of resources that will serve many photographers, no matter what discipline they are passionate about.

These are all the chapters they have built:

  • Chapter 1: How to master the perfect focus to ensure sharp images every time
  • Chapter 2: How to balance your picture to make it easier on the eye
  • Chapter 3: Why lighting makes all the difference when it comes to the perfect picture
  • Chapter 4: To Zoom or not to zoom, that is the question
  • Chapter 5: How to use shutter speed to create cool visual effects
  • Chapter 6: How to use storytelling to make your picture even more beautiful

And it even has a bonus chapter called “How to take beautiful pictures with your smartphone", which is pretty cool indeed.

What I enjoyed the most about this post was not only its transparency by making many references to other sites that are not theirs; but that they have the care if only considering relevant and updated content. It is obvious that they putted a lot of effort into making this selection. Definitely reading all the content that they have selected for us needs a conscious reading without any distractions.

Cheat on time, and learn about how to make beautiful photographs thanks to the guys over at PikWizard.